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High quality face masks that reduce the risk of infection from infectious diseases transmitted by droplets. The certificate was issued for disposable fabric, however, they were washed a few times and kept the shape perfectly. They can be washed, disinfected and ironed to protect for longer. HOWEVER, THEY ARE NOT MEDICAL MASKS.

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The protective mask is carefully made, consisting of: 3 layers of properly selected nonwoven fabric, elastic cotton ribs and seams that adapt the mask to the shape of the face. There is no wire inside the nose area.

Measurement of the filtering capacity of the mask "sampling - inhalable fraction - respirable fraction - thoracic fraction.

Based on the tests, the laboratory determined the filtration capacity of the mask made of L3202 filter laminate, at 96.14% with an average air dust of 6.74 mg / m3 at an exposure time of 6 hours. "

Technical data:

- Main fabric: three-layer laminate in natural color, designed for protective masks.

- Finish: framed, stretch fabric.

- Certificates Non-woven fabric PP / 30/160 Certificate from the National Institute of Hygiene in Poland PZH H-HŻ-6071-0191 / 17C.

- PES / 75/160 non-woven fabric Filtration layer - Certificate from the National Institute of Hygiene in Poland PZH B-BŻ-6071-0250 / 19C.

- Individual cotton knitwear finished in accordance with OEKO-TEX standards. "

- Laminate: The mask laminate is used to protect the respiratory system against various types of contamination. Supports protection against bacteria, both when exiting and entering the body through the mouth. However, it does not provide a 100% protection guarantee because bacteria can also pass through the eyes and can be transmitted to users. The materials used are safe for skin contact.

- Country of origin 100% Polish production.

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