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It eliminates lice and helps to remove the nits.

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It is a pediculicide formulated with saponified Olive Oil and Essential Oil of Tree of the microencapsulated tea (patented formula).
It is a natural product that favors the elimination of lice and helps them not to appear again. It can be used repeatedly by all the people of the family, since lacking all kinds of insecticides (without permethrin, without insecticides, without silicones and parabens), it is a totally soft and biodegradable product that respects the scalp and the environment .
It can be used not only to eliminate the infestation, but also to help prevent them from appearing again.
The INEX PEDICULICIDA SOAP treatment in one application eliminates lice, helps to remove the nits, favors the elimination of lice and nits, leaving the hair clean without needing to use another additional shampoo.
1. Apply INEX PEDICULICIDA SOAP throughout the hair and massage until well impregnated the scalp. Leave on for 30 minutes. For greater effectiveness, it is recommended to use the cap that is inside the container.
2. After 30 minutes remove the product by rinsing the hair with water. It does not need the use of other products to wash and to condition the hair.
3. Dry the hair with a towel for individual use.
4. Comb the hair with the lighter that is included in the container, to effectively eliminate dead lice and nits. Rinse the lighter with water.
5. Apply the product again after 7 days, only if the infestation persists.
Do not use in children under 2 years of age.
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