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Professional / Reseller Info

Do you want to get important discounts?

We offer notable discounts to Professionals and Distributors in many of the products in our catalog. When you register for the first time you do it by default in the "Private" category.

If you are a professional of the Barber Shop or the Aesthetics we can change your category to the group that corresponds to you ("Professional" or "Distributor") so that the corresponding prices and discounts apply to you. To do this, once registered, you must send us a file in pdf format that demonstrates your professional activity and in turn corresponds to the data you have contributed.


Printed IAE or Professional Title of Hairdressing or Aesthetics.


Printed IAE

You must upload the file in the registration process in case you check the "professional" button. At the moment we have modified your category in the store you can place orders with the prices and discounts that correspond to you.