Hair sauna to take care of your clients

Hair sauna to take care of your clients

A few years ago, the salons started offering additional services to our clients to make a difference and to go to the hairdressing salon to become an irreplaceable experience.

Now new trends are coming, such as the capillary sauna. It is possible that your clients treat them differently, offering them tailor-made products for their specific needs, that is, a specific shampoo, blisters for hair itching or treatment for volume or hair loss.

If you offer someone a special shampoo and want to enhance its effects so that your client notices the improvement, we explain a trick; after the first soapy and after washing the hair of the foam, you shampoo it again, making sure you do not leave any space without massaging well.

When you are all soaped, wet a small towel in hot water, as hot as you can hold and drain it well. That towel is placed on your client's head and leave a few minutes, ensuring that it does not cool too much, so it will make a sauna effect that will allow the pores to open and the product to penetrate better.

Then you remove the towel and rinse the entire head well. You can add a mask, moisturizer or what you usually put behind the shampoo. Remember to use an appropriate product before you start drying your hair and you will see how it feels and how they notice it.

Who wants to repeat?  

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