Toppik is a revolutionary product thanks to which you can eliminate the embarrassing aspect of scarce hair and that in just half a minute! Toppik hair fibers are made of organic proteins, just like our hair, which facilitates a perfect fusion. They give strength to our hair by integrating with it in a completely invisible way and giving density to your hair very effectively. As an effect, we receive a natural appearance and a very visible density where the hair is very fine. Toppik is available in nine natural tones. All accessible tones differ from each other more or less to a similar degree. Toppik is the best quality microfiber for hair. Unlike other products in this category, Toppik does not detach from the hair and does not fade. The hair can be touched, combed, you can sleep with white bedding and you can wear white shirts. Toppik is a very special cosmetic that ensures total comfort of having thick hair. This method is also recommended for people undergoing hair transplantation.

€28.88 -10%
Toppik Spray Voluminitzador és un producte perfecte si vols aconseguir volum en un instant. És la combinació de les Fibres de Toppik amb el Spray Fixador pel que a més de que les fibres donin volum al teu cabell quedaran fixades perfectament.