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    We’re not just about hair products, but also creating trends, inspiration and style… The Ab Style

    The hair salon is a temple of beauty and a place where your customers can reinvent their image and open up to innovation. The hair stylist is a faithful follower of the cult of innovation and well-being, revolutionising the client’s style journey and encouraging them to try out new trends.


    American Crew® is more than just a lifestyle brand or a salon supplier. It's a landmark in the history of men's grooming. It's the leading salon brand created for men specifically to meet the needs of stylists.

    Today American Crew® continues its commitment to being one of the world's most innovative and interesting companies. Around the globe, it consistently pioneers the latest styles and the most innovative products made for men.

    American Crew® never forgets its job is to give men and their stylists the tools they need to create stylish, masculine looks every day.


    Andrea offers a wide selection of lash styles to fit anyone's personality. From strips to accents to individuals, we have you covered so you can look and feel your most beautiful every day.


    Shain can become an act of true luxury and sybaritism. With Eurostil Barber Line, with over 70 years experience in the hairdressing world, we have createdthis lineof products for the most current with the elegance of the past.


    At the heart of all Batiste Dry Shampoos is an innovative starch based “no water needed” formulation. Adapting to your hair's needs, it targets excess oil and grease, helping to eliminate it at the roots.


    Biovène Barcelona is a unique Catalan cosmetic and lifestyle brand dedicated to your skin and body. Our core of personal beauty is sourced from the wisdom of nature and the Mediterranean secrets. Making use of the natural ingredients and treatments used since ancient times combined with the advancement of science.


    So, you did it. You made the liberating decision to embrace your natural hair and boldly own your unique style. Today, that style could be a beautiful fro. Tomorrow, intricate braids. Whether you’re rocking coils, curls, waves, or straight tresses, Cantu’s here, and we’re designing products specifically with you and your hair’s versatility in mind. Our collection of award-winning products is inspired by your beautifully textured hair in order to help you achieve any look you desire. That’s right—we keep your straight strands soft and lustrous and your curls conditioned and defined, and our one-of-a-kind formula helps achieve everything from cutting-edge looks to classic styles.

    It’s our mission to celebrate you in all your glory. Your hair, your skin, your light, and your beauty are all uniquely you. Own it. Love it. Live it.

    My Curl. My Cantu.


    Today - more than 200 years since its debut – Clubman offers a wide range of popular men’s grooming products that remain true to the brand’s heritage while bringing to market must-haves driven by market trends.


    To create a range of men’s beauty products that set a new standard for innovation, quality and lasting effect. The result is a perfectly formed range of peerless hair styling, shaving & beard care, skincare and fragrance lines which now enjoy a loyal following around the world.

  • Deborah DERMOLAB

       Our technological requirements and the strict control of our manufacturing standards from the first until the last product we create, just as the effectiveness of its applications, mean a guarantee for the aesthetics professionals.

       Actually the product range of DEPIL-OK consists of different references classified in different categories like hard waxes in tablets, roll-on waxes, the depilatory cosmetics range and a wide range of complements, all of them with a common denominator; they have been formulated and manufactured based on the needs of the market.


    Is a dynamic manufacturer which has been for more than 50 years at the constant service of Hairdressers and Aestheticians and which studies, produces and acts in order to afford a better and better service together with a range of high quality products. 


    Edwin Jagger sets the standard for impeccable male grooming. Established in 1988, we are a family-run business where integrity, promise and inspired design go hand in hand.

    Over two decades, our business has grown into a global leader in male and female grooming product manufacture. We deliver products to all corners of the globe, and many leading brands in the UK and USA commission Edwin Jagger to design exclusive ranges of luxury wet shaving items. Our unique appeal is as much to do with the personal input of the owner and founder, Neil Jagger, who designs every piece as with the absolute attention to detail we pay to the highest standards of manufacture.

    Edwin Jagger exemplifies traditional English quality style combining it with state of the art design, up to the minute manufacturing techniques and the heritage of long established Sheffield craftsmanship.

  • ETI

    ETI projects and manufactures hairdryers for professional use since 1979, strictly in Italy.

    Our products are studied with extreme care from an internal team, and achieved, with the support of last generation machineries, from people, who, with great passion and enthusiasm, turn manual skills into advanced workmanship.

    ETI develops technologically advanced products through daily tests and a flexibility possible only through the constant communication between offices and production department.

    Starting from the raw materials we are able to trace every segment of the production process, to check it, to customize it and also to certify the quality of every single component.

    The Italian style, the range of groundbreaking solutions and a dedicated customer care service are the answer to the needs of many customers who appreciate us all over the world.


    The largest range of professional hairdressing and beauty products. From curls and tweezers, to furniture, irons, dryers, utensils, disposables, creams, lotions, scissors ...


    Evolux Make Up is a next-generation professional makeup line, formulated with active ingredients that take care and improve the health of the skin.

    This range is the result of decades of experience in the manufacture of make-up. Inspired by the latest technical innovations, Evolux Make Up offers the most innovative textures, adapted to each skin type and age.

    The firm offers a wide and varied range of products: skin primers and foundations, flash pre-makeup, concealers, makeup (creams, powders, liquids, mousses, stay-mattes, etc.), mattifying products, blushers, Illuminators, makeup fixers, eye shadows, mascaras of eyelashes, eyeliner, lip glosses and lipsticks and makeup removers.

    Evolux Make Up has four lines of make-up foundations. They adapt to the different needs.

    • Classic Line: Pronounced color and high coverage.
    • Color Clone line: It illuminates accurately adapting to the tones of the face.
    • Perfecting Line: Perfect and moisturizes the skin. Natural finish.
    • Experience Line: Very moisturising anti-ageing make up with high suntan protection.

    The firm continues investigating to find the most advanced formulas and elements.

  • GHD

    Choose your ideal hair iron according to your needs among the range of professional hair straighteners from ghd. Whether you want to create waves, curls or polished smooth, you will be able to look sophisticated looks without effort and with a professional finish.

  • INEX

    In 1932 Kurt Schmidt founded the steel goods company Kurt Schmidt KG in the "city of blades" Solingen. After his three sons Frank, Hardy and Kurt Schmidt Jr. joined the company in 1967, the brand name JAGUAR was introduced for hairdressing scissors, which was also established as the company name a few years later. The name JAGUAR stands for aesthetic appearance and dynamics and convinces with its international usability.


    Fashion, beauty trends, the most glamorous and chic looks. To stay in style throughout the day, a woman needs a practical and functional ally to help with her beauty needsJvone Milano’s simple beauty routine becomes a private moment. Dreamed for make up and nail art become a reality thanks to this

    line designed to bring together femininity, beauty and taking care of oneself at any moment of the day. Nail varnish, nail care, and professional looking nails, face, eyes and lips make Jvone Milano every woman’s favourite.


    In Barcelona 1975, José Campos Pérez founded KEENWELL, from since a pioneer in professional cosmetics and makeup. The company grows and consolidates through collaboration with beauticians, listening to their needs, the advantages of having its own laboratory and manufactures its own products, revolutionary ideas, innovative products and unique professional treatments that made KEENWELL a household brand in many spas and aesthetics centers in over more than 60 countries.

  • KV-1

    KV-1 Anti-Aging Beauty initiates his activity in the year 2008 gathering the witness of the experience accumulated in more than 30 years, in cosmetic professional laboratories and creating at present, capillary, corporal and facial products for the domestic markets and countries as the USA, Japan, The Arab Emirates, Russia, between others.

  • L'Oréal INOA
  • L'Oréal MYTHIC OIL

    French leader in technology and innovation. In the production of cosmetics uses the latest scientific advances in the field of hair care and protection. A wide range of professional shampoos, hair masks and other products for professionals is the answer for all those looking for effective solutions for hair care.

  • L'Oréal TECNI ART

    We bet on the democratization of beauty through accessible innovation. We create cosmetics that cover all types of needs for hair beauty, focusing our attention on professionals to offer them the best possible products and services, making their work easier.


    At Macadamia Professional, we strive to create innovative hair products that address the diverse needs for women of all global hair textures. Macadamia Professional offers salon-quality hair care, treatment and styling products that address the unique moisture level and styling needs of every woman.

    Three Care and Treatment Collections infuse the optimal moisture level into each hair texture, along with the benefits of our Pro Oil Complex, a unique blend of Macadamia and Argan Oils. A range of Macadamia Oil infused stylers offer varying levels of style control for hair of all global textures with the healing benefits of our Pro Oil Complex. This hair oil can be used for all textures, from baby fine to ultra-curly and coiled. It has a unique moisture level and style control need.

    To address these needs, Macadamia Professional products contain an exclusive Pro Oil Complex, a blend of therapeutic Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil, rich in Omega 7, 5, 3 and 9 fatty acids, which deeply yet weightlessly nourish and repair hair from the inside out, rather than just conditioning from the surface, to renew hair's natural texture.


    Maurens Cosmetics is one of the leading brands of Ximart Laboratories , prestigious laboratory which has 60 years of professionalism in the world of cosmetics.

    Maurens Cosmetics consists of a complete range of products covering the essential needs in the care of the skin and hair.


    MITCHELL’S WOOL FAT SOAP was first produced in the early 1930’s by Bradford chemist Fred Mitchell who realised that the natural lanolin content of wool fat, which kept the hands of local sheep shearers and wool sorters so exceptionally soft, could also be beneficial to delicate complexions and sensitive skins. A simple and natural product, this soap is still made to Mr Mitchell’s original formula, based on a recipe from the turn of the century and incorporating lanolin from the wool fat as the key ingredient.


    One of the oldest independent manufacturers of hair and beauty products in England, Morgan’s Pomade was first founded in 1873. Today, Morgan’s is a household name in many countries worldwide.

    Morgan’s is the epitome of old fashioned values combined with the latest technologies, bringing you high quality products.


    MOSER, a trademark of great tradition, is part of the corporate partnership Wahl Clipper Corporation (USA), the leader in the international market for high-performance hairdressing apparatus. The development and production team is available to Wahl GmbH located in Unterkirnach in the Black Forest. All professional Moser hairdressing apparatus and precision blade assemblies are made in Germany and distributed from there to the world.


    Mr. Bear Family is a Swedish company founded in 2012. The first company to produce beard care products in Sweden in modern times and hand produces most of the products in-house. Also offers several products for the face and for aftercare of tattoos.


    The owner and producer of the MÜHLE  brand is Hans-Jürgen Müller GmbH & Co. KG. Our pioneering medium-sized enterprise is based in Stützengrün, Saxony, and our products are distributed worldwide. Both the location and the employees are characterised by a genuine passion for wet shaving.

    Our business has been owner-managed – now in the third generation – since 1945. Our actions are driven by an affinity with nature and a desire for the very highest quality. Expert know-how and pioneering spirit flow into every product, whether it be a handcrafted unique item or serially produced goods. As a member of the Environmental Alliance of Saxony we are committed to sustainability and cooperate with suppliers who uphold the same high standards.

    With exemplary in-house production depth and consummate designs we have developed into one of the world's leading providers of high-quality accessories for wet shaving. We share our delight at this with our partners in the trade and all our customers, each one an ambassador for shaving culture in his own way.

    In the cosmetic laboratory Myrsol of Barcelona we manufacture:
    • Shaving products: massages before and after, lip balms and liquid.
    • Shaving soap, liquid and cream.
    • Treatment shampoos: dandruff, seborrhoea, fat and white hair care.
    • Tonic anti-dandruff, fat, seborrhoea and white hair care.
    • Ron quina.
    • Colonies.
    • Cosmetics for the care of the footl.
    • Treatment shampoos: brea for fatty and thin hair.
    • Very mild dandruff can be often used.
    • Antiseborreico for oily hair.
    • Blue fabric freshener shampoo for gray and white hair care.
    • Hair lotions: dandruff, fat, seborrhoea and hair tonic for the care of white and grey hair.
  • NDED

    Novex is a very nutritious deep conditioning system developed to treat the hair and restore its shine and smoothness. Its formula is enriched with Vitamin E, a main component for strength and hair growth.

    With salon professional quality, Novex products are suitable for all hair types and are consumer friendly. Novex is the most known Brazilian hair care worldwide and it can be found in over 45 countries in 6 different languages.


    Offering itself the ideal partner to work alongside with the most up-to-date hairdressers, PARLUX complies with their most demanding needs by offering a wide range of professional tools designed to satisfy the specific requirements of high performance and reliability. A modern and dynamic company that offers innovative technologies in design, assembly, testing and assistance concerning professional products aimed at demanding and continuously evolving customers.


    There is only a unique way to get a product with the best quiality, innovative and ultimate technology, and that way is innovation. In Perfect Beauty we opt for R+D to get the maximum quiality and effectiveness in each one of the professional products we launch onto the market.


    It’s 1948: a small Florentine laboratory is experimenting on formulas that work, studying new products. It’s a time of innovation and change, a time to trust in the future and in a small business that they want to grow. This was the year of the Pre and After Shave Cream, which surprised with its freshness and efficacy: it was first embraced by Italian barbers and then by an ever-growing number of home shavers. The way of shaving changed in an Italy that craved change.

  • Revlon EQUAVE
  • Revlon NUTRI COLOR
  • Revlon PROYOU

    Proyou ™ by Revlon Professional combines an innovative range of shampoos and treatments formulated with natural ingredients as well as a range of finishing products that fit all hair types and styles.

  • Revlon UNIQ ONE

    Todos nuestros productos son de acuerdo a las reglas de la artesanía tradicional, de la más alta calidad de acero hecha a mano. Ellos son probados y controles permanentes. Ningún producto de salir de la fábrica no cumple con los requisitos más exigentes. Cada uno de ellos expresa nuestro deseo de perfección. Incluyendo el clip que se puede tener en la mano en este momento. Al igual que en un invernadero bien templado, buscamos crear un ambiente para nuestros empleados a dar lo mejor de sí mismos, a ser creativos, para obtener un resultado a la altura.

  • Schwarzkopf 3D MEN
  • Schwarzkopf BONACURE
  • Schwarzkopf IGORA ROYAL
  • Schwarzkopf OSIS
  • Schwarzkopf SILHOUETTE
  • SENA

    The STEINHART PROFESSIONAL line brings a new concept of products and accessories to professionals of hairdressing and beautycare by combining exclusive design, ergonomy, advanced technology and efficiency.

    Those are the reasons for which STEINHART PROFESSIONAL can be considered as the latest word in personal care products and accessories.


    Our objective is that you notice the difference. Thanks to the unique ingredients and the formulas tested and carefully selected, you will get spectacular results.Just try them


    The Legends London are more than just makers of another generic men's grooming product. Experts in male grooming for the past decade, the Legends are dedicated to sourcing, producing and distributing the finest male grooming products for customers who refuse to compromise.

  • TIGI

    Toppik is a revolutionary product thanks to which you can eliminate the embarrassing aspect of scarce hair and that in just half a minute! Toppik hair fibers are made of organic proteins, just like our hair, which facilitates a perfect fusion. They give strength to our hair by integrating with it in a completely invisible way and giving density to your hair very effectively. As an effect, we receive a natural appearance and a very visible density where the hair is very fine. Toppik is available in nine natural tones. All accessible tones differ from each other more or less to a similar degree. Toppik is the best quality microfiber for hair. Unlike other products in this category, Toppik does not detach from the hair and does not fade. The hair can be touched, combed, you can sleep with white bedding and you can wear white shirts. Toppik is a very special cosmetic that ensures total comfort of having thick hair. This method is also recommended for people undergoing hair transplantation.


    Since 1975, Laboratorios Válquer has been researching and developing top quality Cosmetic Products, offering dynamic and innovative answers for the PROFESSIONAL sectors of AESTHETIC, HAIRDRESSING and others closely related to them.

    The progressive, continuous and solid growth of the last years, together with the investment of the new and avant-garde plant of more than 12.000m2, allow us to affirm that we are before one of the research companies, with greater projection of future, profitability and stability.


    Vie-Long, S.L. is a family business established in 1940. Since then, it has specialised in manufacturing shaving and make up brushes for sectors as perfumery, hairdressing or aesthetics.

    Nowadays, Vie-Long combines modern technology with a careful and traditional handcrafted manufacturing patterns which strength its brand and product prestige in both local and international markets.

  • WAHL
    Weelko is a new concept that goes beyond wellness products. It is an attitude and a way of understanding well-being in a global scale. It is a way of caring the smallest details in order to look after people. To make those people enjoying our equipment and furniture feel comfortable in the broadest sense of the word.
    With this aim, we develop specific lines for beauty,Spa&wellness, physiotherapy and podiatry fields. All of them designed to guarantee the maximum well-being to professionals and to their patients, without forgetting those specialists in distribution who trust in the quality of our service. From Europe to all over the world.

    WELLA is home to iconic global brands like Wella Professionals, Sebastian, Sassoon Professionals, Clairol and Nioxin. Our goal is to work with you to delight and inspire stylists all over the world.


    For over 130 years, Wella has been delivering innovations and services that enable hairdressers’ creativity.
    The company’s story begins in 19th century Germany, with the vision and passion of one hairdresser, Franz Stroher…


    Leaders by experience

    For more than 20 years, we have been engaged in treatments and cosmetics for the eyes. During this time, LASH LIFTING by WIMPERNWELLE Eyelash Perm has been introduced to numerous beauty salons and hair studios. Nowadays, many of their clients do not want to miss this treatment anymore.

  • YENI




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